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Event Organisers

Setting up and running a tournament has never been an easy task until now.

BJJ Comp can help with just about every aspect of your competition with smart intuitive features never seen before such as:

  • Online Registrations
  • Online Payments
  • Auto Bracket Generation
  • Time Scheduling
  • Enable easy registration for athletes via BJJ Comp or via our BJJComp App
  • Check & Change (Allow Athletes to change Category in single Athlete events)
  • Auto Seeding and Athlete/Club Separation
  • Minimise long waiting lines at Check-in Points with Smart Scan
  • Track Referee Mat Time and allocate the right Referee on each Mat
  • Set Early Entry Discounts
  • AFBJJ Compatible, (Needs to link to AFBJJ Comp Rules & App form)
  • Single Elimination, Double Elimination or Round Robin Compatible
  • Smart Scan Technology
  • Dedicated Job Role Feature which minimise mistakes and mishandling
  • Follow the IBJJF standards or Create your Own
  • Compatible with our Smart Scale, Smart Scan Smart Score for accurate and precise Data
  • Drag and Drop Bracket Planner
  • Real time Data Gathering
  • BJJ Comp Athlete App friendly
  • Athlete Reminders
  • iPad, Tablet, PC or Laptop Friendly
  • Scoreboard
  • Event Telecast Mode for awesome TV or Online Broadcasting
  • Event Results - Best Team, Best Club, Best Athletes
  • Event Data - Gather data like never before. Fastest Finish, Submission Breakdown, Total Number of Takedowns, Male v’ Female Athletes ratios etc