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BJJ Comp Setup Requirements

Tournament Director Details

Please enter the tournament director details for communication with BJJ Comp Team

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Event Details

Please enter your Competition event details in order to help us set up your Competition for success.

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Competition Start Date *
The Date of your Competition
Competition End Date
If your Comp runs for more than 1 day enter the finsh date here.
Registration Close Date *
Enter the date you wish to close off entries
Registration Close Time *
Enter the Time of day you wish to Close off EntrIes
Athlete Check & Change Date *
Athlete Check & Change last day for corrections. Athletes can log in their accounts and edit the registration information.
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Team Manager Check & Change Open Date *
Team Manager Check & Change dates for final team line-up
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Team Manager Check & Change Close Date
Closing Date for Team Manager Check & Change
Team Manager Check & Change Close Time
Team Manager Check & Change Close Time
Schedule Release Date *
Enter the date you wish to list your event Schedule. Time of release is dependant on Tournament Director.
Bracket Release Date *
Bracket Release Date will display bracket availability online.
Competition Logo *
Upload your Competition logo for display using either PNG, JPG, BMP, TIFF formats.
Competition Description
In one or two paragraphs describe your Competition.
Competition Waiver
Select or upload your competition waiver

Event Costs

Please enter the costs associated for your athlete entry. Enter your Competition entry costs here. You have provision for 4 adult entry possibilities. Gi, Gi Open, No-Gi and No-Gi Open. Regardless of how many events an athlete enters our system will automatically calculate the entry costs for you.

Early-bird Specials are a great way to lock-in and secure early entries as well as help ease stress and allow you to focus on other aspects of running your competition. Enter your Early-Bird discounted price and Cut-Off Dates here.

Will you be offering Early Bird Discounts? *